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OLOL Holiday Market

OLOL Holiday Market is officially open in the Heart and Vascular Institute!!! They have some amazing and creative vendors. Come and enjoy an awesome walk-through and buy some great gifts for the holiday season while sipping on our lipsmackn lemonade!!!! $3 16oz cups and $15 gift certificates will be sold at our stand!!! #LetsBuildAmazing #OLOLBR #ChildrensHospitalBR #Lemonade

These photos are little recap from this years first Holiday Market at OLOL Hospital as proceeds were raised from different vendors towards the freestanding "Children's Hospital" here in Baton Rouge, La. Your continued support is appreciated and much needed as the hospital is being built. Every child, regardless of disability or not, appreciates and is grateful for your love and support so please continue to donate and support our Children's Hospital's around the country!!!

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