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Leroy Hayward III and his parents would like to introduce Lemon-AID4Life: a non-profit organization designed to give young special needs children with hearing loss, like Leroy, all the tools needed to one day be successful entrepreneurs with their parents' help.


The Lemon-AID4Life program was inspired by the success of Leroy's LipSmack'n Lemonade.  This program will also aid in the support of Our Lady of the Lake's Children's Hospital and New Orleans Children's Hospital which both provide life-saving care for children daily.


To empower children from ages five (5) to eleven (11), who have developmental delays, due to hearing loss, with the means to become positive-thinkers, innovative youth, productive citizens, inspirational leaders, and successful entrepreneurs which will enable them to have an optimistic outlook on life.



Lemon-AlD4Life Vision is to instill confidence, discipline, self-worth and a giving heart into children at an early age, through an interactive, fun, hands-on entrepreneurship-learning program; helping them turn their special needs into a special gift to enable these children to be successful entrepreneurs impacting communities, society, and future generations. Lemon-A ID4Life wants to change the mindset of special-needs children and their parents in fostering them to pursue their goals and dreams of becoming successful business owners, future leader, motivators, and community sponsors.



• Lemon-AID4Life helps with self-awareness (Children learn about themselves)
• Lemon-AID4Life teaches children to Never Ever Quit or give up because of life's setbacks or submit to that little word "'NO".
• Lemon-AID4Life exposes children to the expertise of positive mentors and successful entrepreneurs.
• Lemon-AID4Life helps children identify Bad and Good Choices to build character.
• Lemon-AID4Life provides goal-setting examples for the child to have hands-on goal set including vision boards for life and business.
• Lemon-AID4Life provides help with innovative thinking so each child can have a product he/she can market in the real world and be able to engage with the public through effective communication.
• Lemon-AID4Life teaches children to give back to other children and to the community (Children's Hospital Baton Rouge and New Orleans and Our Lady of The Lake Children's Hospital)

We are currently accepting student applications for the 2017 session (May-August).  Space is limited.  Volunteer applications are needed for those that love helping children.


For more information, contact Sherilyn Hayward at 225-287-4914 or message us on Facebook.  See our article in the newsletter on Families Helping Families of Greater Baton Rouge (  Visit the Lemon-AID4Life website at

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