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How we started


In 2012, we started Leroy's Lip Smack'n Lemonade Stand in our front yard as a participant in Raising Cane's National Lemonade Day.  It was a great way to give back to the New Orleans Children's Hospital since the doctors there had done so much for Leroy.  We entered Lemonade Day the next 3 years--donating to Children's Hospital and Women's Hospital.  


In 2014, we entered our lemonade in the Lemonade Day tasting contest, and won 1st place!  We then decided to take the lemonade to the next level and bottle it.  This would create a business that would potentially help Children's Hospital in a much greater way, and give Leroy a positive future--teaching him that there are no limits in life--only the ones we put on our selves.


We plan on bottling the lemonade by 2017, and selling it in every grocery store and restaurant in the country!

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