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Amazing Kids: Leroy Hayward

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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - There is nothing more refreshing than a glass of lemonade, and this is some amazing lemonade made by an amazing kid.

WAFB first introduced you to Leroy Hayward a few years ago when he won the best tasting lemonade at Lemonade Day. Leroy and his parents started Leroy's Lip-smacking Lemonade after that 2014 victory.

"Children's Hospital found a lot of the issues that were causing a lot of the delays with Leroy and we just wanted a way to give back to them. And so we decided to just maybe do a lemonade stand on lemonade day and just use the proceeds to at least be able to give back to the people that helped him," said Leroy’s mom Sherilyn.

Leroy's mom and dad are his biggest cheerleaders.

"We want to spread some hope that just because a child may have some delays, it doesn't mean he's different. Just a delay. We want to give some hope to the world that children like Leroy can do something really special," Sherilyn said.

To date, Leroy has raised about $4,000. They have a $5,000 goal this year because they now have two lemonade carts inside LSU Tiger Stadium for home football games. His first cart is located at the south lower 6 entrance of sections 401-402 and 402-403. Stand two is located at the west middle entrance to the ramp to sections 100-106.

Leroy is at all the events his lemonade stands go to. He doesn't let his disability hold him back.

"Doctor's told us he would never grow, they told us he would never eat, he would never talk, they said he would never sit up and Leroy has just defied all odds," Sherilyn said.

Leroy is kind of a rock star. Fans of his lemonade seek out his stand at community events just to get a lip-smacking taste. So next time you see Leroy, try that lemonade and know your money is supporting a great cause.

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