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Help Get Leroy's Lemonade in LSU Tiger Stadium!

Help get Leroy's award-winning lemonade into Tiger Stadium this football season!

Bring Award-Winning Lemonade to Tiger Stadium

We recently had the opportunity to become one of LSU Tiger Stadium's official vendors. While we are blessed with this opportunity, we lack the required money for the raw materials and overhead costs.

The total cost to run a successful lemonade stand in a football stadium is around $25,000, and we are about $10,000 shy of this goal. We are asking for your help to take Leroy's Lemonade to the next level and to help support a small local business. By supporting Leroy's Lemonade, you will also be supporting Children's Hospital.

  • Any amount will be highly appreciated. Your donations will go to lemons, sugar, cups, napkins, and all the other essentials to run a successful lemonade stand.

  • In return for this, Tiger Stadium will get what was called "the best lemonade in south Louisiana!"

More Than Just Lemonade

Leroy, as a special needs child, does not always have an opportunity to make his voice be heard. However, with his own business in Tiger Stadium, you will help Leroy earn a new level of confidence and give him the mindset that he can accomplish anything.

Other Ways You Can Help!

  • Please like our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, and help us get the word out about this campaign!

  • Shoot us a message on our Facebook page to see about buying a t-shirt and lemonade jugs!

  • Follow our social media to stay updated on where our lemonade stand will be posted, and come by and grab a cup of our award-winning, "lipsmack'n" lemonade!

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